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Delta Dental of Wyoming (DDWY) is committed to being the first choice of Wyomingites for pre-paid dental benefits.  Find out what we've been doing to make this happen.  In our newsroom you can find press releases and contact information for your media requests.

Fast Facts about DDWY:


  • As of December 2018, DDWY had 110,734 enrollees and 49,595 subscribers
  • We have a 97.03% group retention rate
  • DDWY contracts with over 86% of the practicing dentists in the state
  • In 2018, DDWY processed 200,949 claims
  • Calls are answered within 3 to 4 seconds by a live person

Fun Facts about Wyoming:

  • Wyoming was the first state in the nation to give women the right to vote
  • Yellowstone National Park was designated as the first national park in the nation and first in the world
  • Wyoming has the lowest population of all states but is the 10th largest state
  • The largest coal mine in the United States is the Black Thunder Coal Mine near Wright, Wyoming
  • JC Penney stores were started in Kemmerer, Wyoming