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Protecting Your Employees’ Smiles

As Wyoming’s leading dental insurance company, Delta Dental works with companies to help protect their employees’ smiles with the largest network of dentists, quick answers and personalized service. Our number one goal is to provide an exceptional dental benefits program for companies and their employees. With over 50 years’ experience caring for Wyoming smiles, we've established ourselves as the dental benefits leader.

Why Delta Dental of Wyoming?

How did we get to be the state's leading dental plan for businesses, schools, individuals and families?

Simple. Through our unmatched dental-benefits expertise.

We understand the needs of and tailor our service for employers of all sizes; we can customize or duplicate plan designs, suggest health-enhancing plan modifications, provide custom reporting, and deliver cost savings led by industry best practices.

Dental is our priority.

Through affordable, innovative plans backed by the largest dentist networks.

Network size is pivotal in helping us deliver an industry-leading discount. We offer access to the largest network nationwide. The combination of a broad network and excellent discounts saves more for employers and plan participants.

Through a dedication to friendly, helpful, local customer service.

Our local customer care representatives are knowledgeable in oral health and dental benefits. We are known for our outstanding customer care – especially because we still answer the phone. No messy phone system to navigate through! We are here to provide the service you expect when you need it!

Dental Plans Available for Groups

— Frequent Questions —


Dental coverage terminates at the end of the month in which the child reaches the maximum dependent age or is no longer a full-time student. However, the child may be eligible for COBRA benefits if the employer is required to offer COBRA.

Your employee can also download the Delta Dental mobile app and simply log in to view their ID card, show it at the dental office or email it to a dependent or dentist. They can contact our office at 307-632-3313; toll free at 800-735-3379 or via email at customerservice@deltadentalwy.org and request a replacement card.

Delta Dental generates billing statements on or near the 15th of the month.

Payment should be submitted to Delta Dental by the due date printed on the invoice (billing statement).

No. Dependent family members can only be added at the renewal date of the group contract if the employer allows open enrollment periods or when a qualifying event occurs.

The following are considered qualifying events:

  • Birth/legal custody/adoption
  • Death
  • Loss of other dental insurance coverage
  • Marriage/divorce

Delta Dental's toll-free number is 800-735-3379, email customerservice@deltadentalwy.org or employees can login to their account on our website to view their eligibility, claims history and claims status.

Delta Dental offers benefit plans designed for groups in these size classifications:

  • Small Group - 2 to 50 eligible employees. We offer flexible plans to meet the needs of your employees and company.
  • Large Group - plans for 51 or more eligible employees. Delta Dental offers fully-insured or self-funded plans (there is no maximum size). Benefits can be customized.

When an employee visits a network dentist, they enjoy the following benefits:

  • They pay lower out-of-pocket costs than if they received care from a non-participating dentist because our network dentists have agreed to accept reduced fees.
  • Balance billing is not allowed, because participating dentists agree to accept Delta Dental's fee and the patient co-payment or deductible (if applicable) as full payment.
  • There are no forms for you or your employees to fill out because participating dentists submit claims directly to Delta Dental.
  • We pay the dentist directly, so your employees don't have to pay the dentist and wait for a reimbursement check.
  • They can have confidence that we have an ongoing relationship with our participating dentists and have ensured they meet national credentialing standards.

In most cases, your group will be effective on the first of the month following the receipt of your completed group application materials and employee enrollment.

Commitment to a Better Wyoming

We are passionate about oral health and its importance to generations of families! We are dedicated to providing access to quality dental care through innovative and educational programs and to promote oral health to every Wyomingite.
We invest thousands of dollars each year in valuable oral health programs for our youngest to our oldest Wyomingites! See how the Wyoming Delta Dental Foundation is making an impact across Wyoming!


Delta Dental of Wyoming is proud to introduce the NEW Health through Oral Wellness® program, or HOW® for short. HOW is a unique, patient-centered program that adds additional benefits to dental plans, based on the patient's individual oral health needs. By performing a simple risk assessment at the beginning of the patient's visit, high-risk patients may have access to additional preventive and health-sustaining benefits.

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Receive Additional Dental Benefits for High Risk Patients