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COVID-19 Update For our Employer and Broker Customers

We know you are working hard to balance the needs of your business while supporting your employees. We want to assure you we are committed to doing everything we can to minimize disruptions while continuing to partner with you during uncertainty.  To help, we are introducing the Group Premium Relief Program (GPRP). 

The Group Premium Relief Program provides a premium holiday for half of your April premium.  (Your billing amount is literally cut in half.)  The amount offered to each Group Customer is unique to your business and is based upon your April Premiums due.  This program allows DDWY to continue to offer you and your employees the customer service they have come to expect and still operate our business. 

There is nothing you need to do at this time. Your April premium will automatically be adjusted.  If you have already paid your April premiums, DDWY will credit one half (1/2) of the amount paid toward your May premium balance due.

If you have not paid your April premium amount due, please feel free to cut that total bill for April in half and only remit ½ of the amount due for April.

We will continue to serve you and/or your employees by making our customer service team available during normal business hours to answer questions, and process claims. As always, if you have any questions please contact us at 307-632-3313 or 800-735-3379 or via email at

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